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Underwater Yoga with Lululemon

Piloga X Lululemon

There are plenty of places out here to practice yoga that will blow your mind, from skyscraper rooftops to desert haven’s and even on a boat out at sea, but this one just set a new bar. Not satisfied with having a cool studio to do yoga in, Piloga instructor Allie McLaughlin brought her strong vinyasa flow to a new level, underwater to be exact. Supported by the amazing team at Lululemon, the session was hosted last Saturday morning in The Dubai Mall‘s famous Aquarium tunnel.

So practicing Savasana surrounded by sharks has got to be one of my all time favourite ways to meditate, although it’s pretty hard to keep your eyes closed the entire time and you can forget about focus… all the while, filtered through a beautiful blue light, you gain a sense of clarity and energy that just isn’t there in a white four walled room.

If it’s something that appeals to you too, they have plenty more sessions coming up… book here!
Piloga X Lululemon at The Dubai Mall

Piloga X Lululemon at The Dubai Mall

Piloga X Lululemon at The Dubai Mall

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