Project Beauty… Period.

project beauty

“To extend our inner beauty outwards towards others”… a fitting tagline for Dubai’s newest salon, but this time – it’s not talking about just a beauty fix. Project Beauty on Wasl Road (Al Thanyah Street crossing) is the kind of salon you’ll leave with better brows but even better karma!

The concept of Project Beauty is that is supports a unique, life improving foundation in Africa which puts a precedence on both education and dignity. Did you know that in some areas of Africa, girls have to miss school when they are on their period because they are seen as ‘unclean’… especially as a pack of sanitary pads will cost almost a quarter of their daily wages. Compounding the situation, girls can miss up to 8 months of school, because of their period, over 3 years and this hinders their opportunity to achieve any form of qualifications.

UNESCO estimates that almost 1 in 10 girls in the whole of Africa miss school because of their menses…

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Buying period pads in Africa is clearly beyond reach for most young girls in Kenya so Project Beauty operates a one to one system where every 100AED you spend at either The Wax Studio or T’Sume, a reusable sanitary pad is donated to a young girl there. With two portals of operation, The Wax Studio, Dubai’s first wax exclusive salon and T’Sume, the luxurious lounge which doubles as a salon/spa, there’s double the opportunity to help!

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