Sol Republic

Let’s talk about gym music – are you a pump it up loud, “who cares if anyone’s listening” or more of a “no one should know who who’s on my gym playlist…” kinda person? I’m definitely the latter, but my biggest gripe is using my iPhone earphones, with their notorious mixed up wires, whilst trying to find a place for the phone to balance on the machine itself… Clearly it was about time I updated my experience.

I want something sleek and seamless, something minimalistic in design that also blends in with what i’m wearing – no more tied up cords or wires hanging out of my ears! Sol Republic offer a few options, but for me, the Shadow Wireless Earphones are just perfect. Chic and practical too, where form and function combine to blend with your style.

Sol Republic

From a performance perspective too, you get deep bass, clear vocals, and extended high frequencies reveal the subtle details of your music youโ€™ve never noticed before… N*Sync never sounded so good! (Shhhhh…) Key to it all, they are ultra light, have a flexible neckband so also surprisingly comfortable, youโ€™ll forget itโ€™s even there. For the car too, the mic + remote lets you be completely handsfree.

Sol Republic

BUT, if you are the ‘pump it up loud’ kind of gym bunny, then Sol Republic have another no-more-wires solution for you too… it’s called the Punk Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a cute, handbag sized, small-but-mighty speaker. Youโ€™ll hear more bass and clarity than you would expect, even outdoors – so mount it to the handlebars and head out to Al Qudra to try it out. You don’t have to be nearby either, with up to 60 feet of bluetooth capability, it means you can have much more freedom with your phone. It’ll handle being dropped too, so don’t worry about it breaking!

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