Lashes for the Active

I get that going make-up free can be intimidating in a mixed workout, and I’m not against wearing make-up in the gym, but one of my pet peeves is walking into a class in the morning and seeing someone with their full face and lashes on… after work it’s much more common obviously – but before? Aside from sweating through the foundation (think about all those blocked pores), I’d struggle to keep my mascara smudge free as I blink through a sweaty bikram session or spin class.

There seems to be one solution I can totally jump on board with – one which allows us to look slightly more put-together, without having to wake up earlier than sun to do so.

Nouveau Lash LVL treatment is a new form of lash elongation, without the need for falsies. Think of it as a perm for your eyelashes, coupled with a tint that adds a bit of extra visibility. Not painful to apply, the whole process takes roughly 45mins and will last for up to a month (if you’re not in and out of the water as often as I am). Not harmful to the lashes either, the process merely curls them upwards slightly for a little natural boost.

I went for the medium curl with a dark brown tint so that it really wouldn’t be too noticeable. The Dollhouse is a great place to check out this service…

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