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How Fit Is Your DNA?

Is this even a thing? Can your DNA really predetermine how fit you can be? I wasn’t so sure at first, but a consultation with specialist Intercare Wellness doctor, DR. Nas Al-Jafari, sat around a cosy table in a cafe in Al Serkal gave me a lot more faith in the process… he was less mad-scientist and more professor X.

Based in Al Marina, Abu Dhabi, Intercare Wellness takes a holistic and ‘whole person’ approach to health. Offering a unique range of testing and treatments, the centre highlight’s these genetic screening processes:
• Advanced Preventative DNA & Genetic Testing aimed at identifying a range of hereditary diseases from cancers through to a variety of long-term illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and dementia.
• Lifestyle DNA profiles including ancestry genetics, diet and exercise profiles, skin DNA and personality genetics.


“DNA & Genetic testing goes far beyond learning about ancestry, 90% of diets fail because each person’s body reacts differently to various foods, exercise, and micronutrient levels, which is somewhat down to our DNA. Your genes don’t just determine your eye colour; but determine diet and nutrition, physiological traits like endurance, fat burning ability, metabolism and undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies. They can also help determine if you’ve got more of a predisposition for certain illnesses, based on testing how our skin will age!” DR. Nas

For myself, I wanted more of a focus on fitness & sport, so I chose to try out their DNAFit genetic testing. Recommended for those who are already fit and looking for a more indepth analysis, DNAFit can tell you what your recovery nutrition needs, your aerobic potential and your power endurance response is.

It’ll also tell you your potential for optimal fitness, such as regimes that will help you meet your health goals and whether you’re at risk for certain vitamin deficiencies that can affect your heart, memory and energy levels. It can also give you insight in into traits such as sodium intake, lactose and alcohol metabolism and gluten sensitivity.

My results arrived after 6 weeks:

You get a much larger, much more in-depth analysis online, accessible with your log in details and you can enter a world of DNA, including chat rooms and Olympic medalist comparisons, that will help give you a much better understanding of your overall DNA design, all from a simple little cheek swap.

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