Go Green With Eco Gifts

What do you get the person who has everything… and by everything I mean you have no idea what they actually need. I find shopping for my friends and family to be a little tricky so I normally but them something i know i’d be happy to receive – like something shiny or fitness related, but this year, sustainable and ethical is also a prerequisite.

Check out my top suggestions below for anyone who’s looking for something a little different this year:

Veja at Hautletic - AED475
Right now I love products that are made differently and the VEJA sneaker project is made with a really positive process. Using organic fairly traded cotton for the canvas of the shoes, wild and fairly traded rubber for the soles, they also use solely recycled plastic bottles to create their unique technological fabric! Made in Brazil, these beauties can be bought in Dubai’s favourite athleisure hub, Hautletic.

Giant Panda - Wildwood
Wildwood Sunglasses
These WildWood frames are without a doubt the perfect pair for the beach and all manner of outdoor adventures in the U.A.E.. Based in Dubai, these wooden sunglasses aren’t just for show, as they are fully U.V. protected. They’re on an eco-friendly fashion mission too, having recently teamed up with The Nature Conservancy and plant a trees through their ‘Plant a Billion’ campaign for every product they sell. 1 sale = 1 planted tree…

Wildbody Active
Wild Body Active
These gorgeous mats from Wild Body Active are keeping me energised. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, their aim is to produce eco-friendly mats that are both unique in design and super functional too. Made from premium microfibres, the mat will absorb sweat making for a supremely grippy surface suitable. They are all 100% recyclable, biodegradable and free from PVC, chlorine, phthalates, latex, silicone and all other toxic nasty’s. Launching new to the market are their training kits, similar to TRX trainers, these are perfect for when you need to workout without a gym.

*As published in Women’s Health Middle East, January 2018.

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