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ELEVAETE X Emirati Women’s Day


Celebrating homegrown talent and the love of sport, the U.A.E.’s own unique fitness apparel brand ELEVAETE is creating more than just a statement this Emirati Women’s Day.

ELEVAETE worked with a young local Emirati artist, Amna al Banna, at just 21 and studying graphic design at Zayed University, is known for her passion for calligraphy. With their collaboration, using traditional calligraphy to highlight local culture, Al Banna uses 6 words to represent both traditional UAE culture and sport culture. With these words alone, she’s created unique artwork that is screen printed on two pieces of barre-ready apparel in gold.


Both Al Banna and ELEVAETE reflect the same values at their core – victory, strength, faith, passion, energy, life. So we don’t expect them to available for long, these two pieces are a limited edition run set sold either together or separately and named after two of Al Banna’s identified words.

The pieces themselves are a beautiful fusion of tradition and function. A dark, monotone base colour just helps to highlight the calligraphy and each piece is handprinted with care.

We can’t wait to get our hands on set – get yours HERE.



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