Crossfit with the Fittest Women Alive

Total inspiration… Having won the Reebok Crossfit Games 2017, Tia Toomey is officially classed as the Fittest Women Alive, so when Reebok and the new Goldbox gym in Business Bay brought her across to help us all get a bit more physical during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, I was initially in two minds.
Tia Toomey
Not usually a Crossfit fan, (I’ve maybe only tried it once or twice in the past) I can’t say a morning of burpees and squats amongst a room full of Crossfit instructors was quite my #morningmotivation, but I wanted to hear from the once Olympic weightlifter about her shift in training.

Toomey is fairly young too, but having recently married to her coach, she has a few insights to share. The key with her training has been communication and actually acknowledging that her partner is doing what’s best for her, so listening to him 100% out on the floor is non-negotiable. Off the Crossfit floor however… 😉
crossfit with Tia Toomey
Having been asked which she preferred between this and the Olympics, Toomey said “the games have an unbeatable atmosphere, something which helps push you through the toughest parts. It’s all about the fans, family and community out there who are literally willing you to win.”

Well, I was certainly beyond sore the next morning, and as much as Toomey gave persuading me a good go, Crossfit isn’t my forte. But I love the feeling of inner competition it gives you, especially as a team, so it won’t be my last.

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