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Project Beauty… Period.

project beauty

“To extend our inner beauty outwards towards others”… a fitting tagline for Dubai’s newest salon, but this time – it’s not talking about just a beauty fix. Project Beauty on Wasl Road (Al Thanyah Street crossing) is the kind of salon you’ll leave with better brows but even better karma!

The concept of Project Beauty is that is supports a unique, life improving foundation in Africa which puts a precedence on both education and dignity. Did you know that in some areas of Africa, girls have to miss school when they are on their period because they are seen as ‘unclean’… especially as a pack of sanitary pads will cost almost a quarter of their daily wages. Compounding the situation, girls can miss up to 8 months of school, because of their period, over 3 years and this hinders their opportunity to achieve any form of qualifications.

UNESCO estimates that almost 1 in 10 girls in the whole of Africa miss school because of their menses…

Scholarship group
Buying period pads in Africa is clearly beyond reach for most young girls in Kenya so Project Beauty operates a one to one system where every 100AED you spend at either The Wax Studio or T’Sume, a reusable sanitary pad is donated to a young girl there. With two portals of operation, The Wax Studio, Dubai’s first wax exclusive salon and T’Sume, the luxurious lounge which doubles as a salon/spa, there’s double the opportunity to help!

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3 Surf Opens in Barbados Not To Miss

Claire Bevilacqua

Ahh Barbados… beautiful beaches, amazing BBQ’s and gnarly breaks. The ultimate sunshine destination boasts the Caribbean’s most consistent surf conditions with swells all year round! Barbados is the ultimate destination this season for all surf enthusiasts. In keeping with Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.’s a ‘Year of Sports 2017,’ surfing is just one of the country’s key concentrations.

Perfect for all levels, the water temperature never drops below 25*C and peaks at 28*C in the summer, coupled with their tropical backdrops is worth the trip alone. Barbados gets roughly 3000 hours of sunshine and nearly 365 days of surf. In the winter, the north and west coasts pick up plenty of swell and the constant trade winds ensure that the east coast breaks consistently.

Whether you’re hanging out at Surfer’s Cafe with local legends like Barbadian surfing Queen Chelsea Tuach, you prefer to check out all the action from the beach, or even get involved yourself with some SUP yoga, there’s a distinct and very active surfing community here that’s calling…

Shane Campbell

Surfer of the Year (#SOTY) 4 – 14 October, 2017

SOTY 4 is the fourth and final Barbados Surfing Association (BSA) local surfing event of the calendar year. It consists of four events held at various locations around the island, mainly on the south and east coast. This series is open to surfers of all nationalities and points also count towards qualifying for Barbados’ national team. Participant ages range from 11-50. This annual event includes youth events (U12, U16, U18) and Open, senior men and masters male and female categories. There will be stand up paddle (SUP) and longboard competitions for both men and women. The event is open to all.

SUP Barbados
National Surfing Championships4 November, 2017

This event will be held at Barbados’ famed surfing enclave, the Soup Bowl – (featuring world class waves, suitable for pro surfers only), and is one of the most exiting events on the Bajan surfing calendar. Participants vie for the National title in categories which include youth categories (U12, U16, U18) along with Open, Masters, Longboard and SUP competitions. All are open to men and women and men. Now in its 34th year, only the best surfers on the island can compete in this event. Some past national champions include Mark Holder, Zed Layson and Alan Burke. More recent champions include Che Allan, Zander Venezia, Chelsea Tuach, Chelsea Roett and Bruce Mackie. Ages range from 11-50. Competition is open to Barbadian citizens.

Surfing Barbados

Independence Pro becomes Part of Inaugural Barbados Surf Festival – 16 – 19 November, 2017

Independence Pro, held every November, has long been the biggest event on the Barbados Surfing Association’s calendar. This year, the event is being renamed and expanded as part of the first annual Barbados Surf Festival. There will be competitions for professional men and women, and juniors (Under 18 and Under 12). There will also be a surfing village highlighting local arts and cuisine, a beach fashion show with a bikini contest, live entertainment, local DJs and live bands. There will also be a kid friendly fun zone and a night road tennis tournament.

Get booking

On the East Coast, which is just minutes away from Bathsheba, where most of the surf events are taking place you’ve got a few options but handpicked by the Tourism department are:

The Atlantis Hotel
Sea-U-Guest House
Santosha Barbados (a great apartment on the East Coast)

If you’re staying further south…
Coconut Court
Savannah Beach Hotel


The Adidas X Parley Pledge

adidas X Parley

We are facing a world now that has some serious problems, but one of the key ones for me is the opportunity of a #PLASTICfreeSEA. adidas have teamed up with Parley to help bring this awareness home, to the frontline as it were, the consumer.

Here are the problems our oceans face:
Parley: “A massive amount of plastic trash ends up in our oceans every year. The ocean currents have formed five gigantic, slow moving whirlpools where the plastic collects, nicknamed Vortex. Recent studies indicate that at least 40 million pounds of plastic has accumulated and is floating in the North Pacific Ocean alone. The majority of the plastic debris remains in the Vortexes, however a significant percentage of it washes onto our coastlines daily.

After sunlight photodegrades the plastic into small pieces, aquatic life and seabirds mistake these fragments for food and ingest it. While it’s difficult to know exact figures, a 2012 report from WSPA indicates that between 57,000 and 135,000 whales are entangled by plastic marine debris every year in addition to the inestimable – but likely millions – of birds, turtles, fish and other species affected by plastic marine debris. New studies show that ingested plastic damages the internal organs of fish. This also raises the question about the safety of our seafood.”


adidas are working with Parley to help prevent this plastic entering our oceans by transforming it into its most popular sportswear products. What they are essentially doing is spinning the problem into a solution. Helping to change ‘the threat into a thread’.

This is done with through their Parley A.I.R. Strategy – a plan that they hope will end plastic pollution. Raising awareness for this awesome collaboration, throughout the week of oceans day, back in June, 59,138 runners around the world ran 572,712 km to give a voice to this cause and the fragility of our oceans.

Take action here!
adidas X Parley
But what can we do? The key now is to stop adding to the problem – Avoid! So when you’re out shopping… say no to plastic bags. No to micro beads and next up, No more new plastic in our supply chain. If you’re walking around the city too, anywhere you see the waste, helps to intercept this problem – even if it’s not yours! Pick it up and put it in the bin.

The adidas X ParleyParley White – initiative is ultimately aiming to redesign the plastic economy, so that we choose our products more carefully and in the end, we hope there won’t be any single use plastics left. This is their collaboration so far…’White’ is a wake-up call to the world about the coral bleaching crisis threatening the oceans and preventing approx 11 plastic bottles from entering the ocean with each pair!

adidas X Parley
adidas X Parley
adidas X Parley



Sol Republic

Let’s talk about gym music – are you a pump it up loud, “who cares if anyone’s listening” or more of a “no one should know who who’s on my gym playlist…” kinda person? I’m definitely the latter, but my biggest gripe is using my iPhone earphones, with their notorious mixed up wires, whilst trying to find a place for the phone to balance on the machine itself… Clearly it was about time I updated my experience.

I want something sleek and seamless, something minimalistic in design that also blends in with what i’m wearing – no more tied up cords or wires hanging out of my ears! Sol Republic offer a few options, but for me, the Shadow Wireless Earphones are just perfect. Chic and practical too, where form and function combine to blend with your style.

Sol Republic

From a performance perspective too, you get deep bass, clear vocals, and extended high frequencies reveal the subtle details of your music you’ve never noticed before… N*Sync never sounded so good! (Shhhhh…) Key to it all, they are ultra light, have a flexible neckband so also surprisingly comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there. For the car too, the mic + remote lets you be completely handsfree.

Sol Republic

BUT, if you are the ‘pump it up loud’ kind of gym bunny, then Sol Republic have another no-more-wires solution for you too… it’s called the Punk Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a cute, handbag sized, small-but-mighty speaker. You’ll hear more bass and clarity than you would expect, even outdoors – so mount it to the handlebars and head out to Al Qudra to try it out. You don’t have to be nearby either, with up to 60 feet of bluetooth capability, it means you can have much more freedom with your phone. It’ll handle being dropped too, so don’t worry about it breaking!

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Travel With: Knomo London

KNOMO London

Knomo London was introduced to me in Dubai, having recently landed in Virgin Megastore. Founded in London just over 10 years ago, Knomo means knowledge and mobility. The brand was designed to help you travel well, with a real focus on organisation, especially inside their bags. I’m a real hoarder in my handbags too, with about 400 items that don’t need to be there, I almost never find the time to go through it and sort it out.

I’ve spent the better half of the summer, travelling around Europe, between Italy, Switzerland and the rest traversing the lands around our family home in France. From race tracks in Bologna, to hiking in Lake Como and discovering Lugano’s many hidden gems, there’s been plenty of occasions where travelling light was of the utmost importance. KNOMO London

What makes Knomo more than just another travel bag… well there’s a few things that drew me in straight away, their sleek style and understand minimalism helped me imagine wearing one instantly. My travel accessories have always been predominantly a single handbag or over-the-shoulder bag, which make day-to-night transitions easier, leaving me more room in the case for clothes, (or bringing clothes back with me). KNOMO London

Not only that, their bags and organisers come with a padded technology section, designed for use with all our daily droppable gadgets, (…how many external hard-drives have I repaired now?) They are also super light weight, so walking round Rome – which is at least 4 hours of straight walking and tourist dodging – felt a lot easier not swapping arms every 30 mins with a heavy handbag cutting into me. Ok, so being asked whether or not I was a student in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, may have been backpack related, but having just turned 30, it didn’t feel remotely insulting at all… KNOMO London

See my favourite pieces here and if you’re heading out of Dubai this summer, I implore you to forgo the Birkin for the backpack, even if just for the ease of the airport alone!

Knomo Beauchamp 15"

Knomo Beauchamp 15″

Knomo Beauchamp 15"

Knomo Beauchamp 15″

Knomo Leather Beaux 15"

Knomo Leather Beaux 15″

Knomo Mini Mount Leather 10"

Knomo Mini Mount Leather 10″

Knomo Mini Beauchamp 10"

Knomo Mini Beauchamp 10″

Knomo Mini Beauchamp 10"

Knomo Mini Beauchamp 10″


Have a Great Hair Day

Rossano Ferretti

I’m not a very conscientious ‘girl’, that is to say, I don’t spend a lot of time or effort finding out about the latest hair treatments or cuts and i’m certainly not ‘in the know’ when it comes to celeb stylists or beauty trends. I do spend a lot of time washing my hair, thanks to various fitness classes and of course being in and out of the water on an almost daily basis, so I do care about my hair and whether or not it’s healthy and shiny.

One person I do go for advice on all thing beauty related is my sister. With a wealth of beauty editorial positions complete with a beauty APP under her belt, she is my beauty guru. So when she said somewhere is a ‘must’ then it’s a must… and i’m SO glad she did. Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti salon is Dubai’s hairdresser du jour, where you walk in to their hotel-esque villa on Beachroad, order a fancy tea and they just cut. It’s really a modern yet magical experience, having transformed by straight-ish thick locks into a shorter, more manageable and lighter style. Rossano Ferretti

For the first time ever, i’m happy to leave my hair down, without fear the humidity will have me looking like Monica from friends in the Caribbean! I didn’t go for a colour, as the sun is thankfully kissing my hair naturally, but the cut is a guaranteed blow-dry free shape, created using their signature technique. Rossano Ferretti


Body Alteration: Pros and Cons by Claire Hastings

A personal piece by Claire Hastings, Australia

Body alteration or body modification – these are the two names used to describe a process of changing one’s appearance. For some, it is seen as a form of rebellion, for others it’s pure art, an expression of individuality. The act of altering/changing/modifying one’s appearance has a lot of possibilities, but the most popular ones are piercings, tattoos, and cosmetic procedures. You can alter your body in less drastic ways, too: by applying makeup, dyeing your hair, and working out.


It’s enough to spend a brief period of time browsing various makeup video tutorials online to conclude that makeup truly is art. Still, there are those who overdo it and wear too much makeup all the time, which not only makes them look fake, but it also hides their natural beauty. At the end of the day, if you let yourself become obsessed with it, and not let yourself go out sometimes without any makeup on, it will become more like an obligation and less like fun. And our only obligation should be saving our health, and enjoying our lives. So, forget about that boring contouring today, and try out that bold marsala lipstick.

Bikini body

We all want to look good in our bikinis, but lean legs, tight abs, and toned arms don’t just appear overnight. We have to work hard to shape our bodies the way we want. We should do our best to keep our bodies healthy by going to the gym a couple of times a week, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water. On the other hand, there are those who take it to extremes. I had a period of life when I was obsessed with over every calorie I have eaten during the day and spent hours in the gym without eating properly. After some time I realised that I have endangered my health and turned my life into a hell. A boring hell. So I have decided to stop it, start eating healthy and have some cheat days from time to time. I must say I have a lot more self-aware now than ever.

Cosmetic surgery

There are some things that we cannot change naturally, no matter how hard we want to, like the shape of our face and nose, or the size of our lips. This is where plastic surgery steps in and saves the day. Cosmetic surgery can help you get rid of imperfections that have been bothering you your entire life, and it can also improve your confidence. On the other hand, there are also extreme cases of people becoming addicted to cosmetic surgery: they pursue their dreams but end up with irreparable damage done to their bodies instead. Make sure you do your homework and visit only reputable surgeons or cosmetologists and make sure the consultation is thorough. It’s could be that it’s not your body that needs a quick fix, but your attitude towards it.

Piercings and tattoos

Piercings and tattoos have become commonplace amongst today’s many societies. Seen as a way for people to express themselves and be unique. Since they are not a taboo anymore, people sometimes don’t think too long before deciding they want one or the other. In case they change their minds, it’s easy to remove piercings and let the body heal naturally, but with tattoos, it’s a bit more difficult as they are permanent. My best friend once made the terrible decision to tattoo his girlfriend’s name, so after their nasty breakup, he had to remove it. He travelled across the land to find a reliable tattoo removal option, and opted for tattoo removal in Parramatta, but he was satisfied with the results. This way, he made a fresh start. Luckily, technology and medicine have come a long way; so, today we have different medical and laser tattoo removal options. This way, people can have a fresh canvas.

Whatever your attitude may be concerning body alterations, before you decide to do anything, you should think about it for a while and always act on your beliefs. By today’s standards, we follow what we see on tv and in magazines… following trends, do some research as you could get into trouble or perhaps even regret your decision later on in life. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your choice is right, it’s for you, or postpone making the final decision until you are completely sure that’s what you want.


Hair Care For Travel Junkies

Travel recovery

Travelling not only puts stress on your skin, but it also puts pressure on your hair too as everything from the water pressure to in-room shampoo can have you looking a little less manicured. For me personally, I end u looking a little like Monica from that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode in the Caribbean, as my favourite escape is usually somewhere tropical with high humidity. With that being said, I normally don’t mind the glow or frizz as I tend to turn off any form of beauty routine abroad…

What to do when you return home to find the water hard, the humidity un-tropical and the regimented beauty routine re-instated… it’s time to book in for a little travel recovery. Travel recovery

JetSet hair salon and N. Bar, are teaming up to offer you a little S.O.S. with some dedicated treatments. The ‘Restart and Rehydrate’ package includes a total wake-up call for your tired tresses and luxurious paraffin pampering for both hands & feet. Book in at the Grosvenor House if you’re down this end of town and start at JetSet for an intensive Kerastase conditioning treatment. Travel recovery

Once you’ve had a blow dry and are using your newly silky hair like a scarf (I couldn’t stop touching it!) head next door (conveniently) and sit down with a cup of herbal tea as the girls at N. Bar wrap your hands and feet in super-hygienic paraffin gloves and help remove the last little traces that you were bare-footed all holiday.

(I opted for a little pedi whilst I was there too) Travel recovery


The Science in Face Reading

Eric Standop

From “Dragon” face Angelina Jolie, to the “Deer” face of Robert de Niro, there really is some truth to the idea that your face is an open book. Face reading is an ancient form of transcribing one’s health, wellbeing and career potential that dates back through centuries and cultures. Most people think they can control how they are perceived outwardly to the world, but if you’re like me then that certainly isn’t the case. I’m often told to ‘watch my face’ with regards to expressions… more often than not my face will say something only my mind is supposed to be thinking, or perhaps i’ve drifted off and am thinking about another subject completely, I have no poker face.

As part of the Talise Spa celebrating their 10 year anniversary, they’ve invited global wellness experts in to amplify their activities. I met with internationally recognised Face Reader Eric Standop who works with a variety of industries globally, from potential employees in Silicon Valley to criminal investigation units in Europe.

Love it or hate it, we’re stuck with these eyes, cheeks, chin, and nose and Eric is able to decipher your potential from reading a minutia of expressions, shapes and connect these dots to help tell you (if you didn’t already know) why you are the way you are. With 30 different facial shapes out there, you can be two or three of these combined, giving you an interesting way of seeing inside your personality (personology). I was a combination of three, a king, a tree and also a fire face, giving me an ‘almost complete’ dragon face.

A snippet from my reading… My high forehead and pointy chin are characteristic of a “Fire” face which indicates passion, motivation and inspiration, as well as quick thinking and swift communication, but also represents overexertion and impatience. I also display an expressive jawline that is typical of a “King” face. Which translates as a person that never rests and is accustomed to fighting – somebody determined to succeed. The tree is more of a giver, who likes to shade those underneath the branches and reach out to those in need.

What interested me the most was the total evaluation, which can last anywhere up to 6 hours for one reading on its own, there’s so much history and science behind the method of reading faces that it can an all-encompassing experience… Eric is definitely someone you want to listen to.

Check out what else is on at Talise this month here!


How to Look Good in a Bikini at Any Age

Claire Hastings

Relaxing travels, lounging on a beach and enjoying life in general is something we all appreciate regardless of age. Still, social and aesthetic norms can sometimes create an unjustified obstacle when it comes to your desire to soak up the sun, while reading a good book under a palm tree. Your physical appearance may make you feel uncomfortable in such surroundings. In order to avoid that, take a look at the following tips – with a few healthy habits, your age won’t stop you in having great beach body and attractive confidence while rocking a bikini.
Claire Hastings
Skin care
It’s essential that you step up your beauty and skin care routine. Your skin’s elasticity and texture change as you age, which is why products that worked for you in your 20s and 30s won’t do much good later on. Using the right products regularly, will surely improve your skin and prevent dryness. What’s more, sunscreen should be a staple in your routine. Even during winter months, sun can damage your skin, which makes an effective sunscreen an important part of your skin care. You can also experience various beauty benefits by using DIY face masks. Half an avocado and one tablespoon of honey effectively moisturize, rejuvenate and brighten the skin.
Claire Hastings
Light exercise
You don’t have to engage in challenging exercises if that’s not something appropriate for your age. Still, regular physical activity is essential for your health as well as muscle strengthening and body toning. In that respect, you can take up walking as a daily habit, discover the benefits of swimming or try some aerobic exercises. These workouts will boost blood circulation, release toxins, brighten up the skin and make you fitter without putting too much strain on your joints.
Sapia Simone SS17
Choose the right swimwear
Your age is not the factor that you need to consider for choosing the right swimsuit – your body shape is. Regardless of age, you should always strive to wear garments that flatter your body type. For example, high-waisted bikini bottoms are perfect for people who want to hide lower tummy, while low-cut bikini bottoms are great choice if you have wider hips. Moreover, strapless bikini tops would look fabulous on smaller bust. On the other hand, bra-like fitted tops would offer proper support for big-busted ladies.
Claire Hastings
Great beach look
There’s a lot more to your beach look than the right choice of swimsuit. If you want to draw attention to your face, wear your hair down and style it in a way that suits your face shape the best. On the other hand, wearing your hair up will accentuate other areas such as your shoulders and bust. What’s more, accessories such as sunglasses and sarongs can complete your look in a flattering and interesting manner. Therefore, let yourself enjoy the process of getting ready for a lovely beach day.
Sapia Simone SS17
Boost your confidence
If you find certain aspects of your body straight up bothersome and you’re positive that you can’t hide these shortcomings with effective swimwear and exercise, there’s nothing wrong with opting for plastic surgery. For example, undergoing abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck, will effectively remove and tone your sagging skin in the stomach area. If this is what you need to retrieve your self-esteem, feel free to go for it. You can also engage in some confidence-boosting exercises that include self-encouraging mantras. As you meditate, say sentences such as I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I love myself out loud and let them sink in.

In essence, you will find the confidence that you need within yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other means to help you find it. Taking proper care of yourself and loving your body enough to make levelheaded decisions about plastic surgeries will put you at the top of the world. And rocking a bikini will be both natural and comfortable.

Written by: Claire Hastings