About Amanda Hamilton-Rushforth

I’m a travel and wellness blogger living in Dubai. Originally from the U.K.

But with over 10 years in Dubai and a further 10+ in the Middle East as a whole, home was never just one place. I’ve always had a passion for travel and adventure, from parasailing to snowboarding; sitting still has never really been an option.

The Bikini Society is my sun-soaked outlet for all things inspiring, engaging and often exhausting. It features 3 key pillars; wellness, travel and adventure, highlighting everything from hotspots to brands I’m loving and living.

I love to collaborate and I’ve got a few opinion pieces on more than just my own website, so check out Women’s Health Middle East and The Luxe Nomad too. I’m always travelling, with over 30+ countries and a few more on the horizon each year; I like to keep things fresh. I’ve cage dived with Great White Sharks in South Africa, skydived in Dubai, paraglided over Zighy Bay in Oman and fed stingrays in the Maldives and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Working with like-minded brands is a key driver in my creative content and I’ve worked with some great people. I’ve been the face of Sun & Sand Sports’ ‘How –To’ Vlog series, a full featured episode on the Travel Channel’s ‘Xtreme Underwater’ TV show, adventured with Sony TV’s outdoor Youtube series, as well as various features on SavoirFlair.com, Hype Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Beachroad.ae.

After all…
“Life always looks better underneath a coconut tree”